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AUTEL MaxiAP AP200H Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner pour All Vehicles (Android/iOS)

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Description du produit

  1. MaxiAP AP200H is a handy vehicle diagnostic dongle with health check function to give health rating and current health status of the test vehicle.
  2. It scans 4 main systems and performs BMS Reset and Oil Reset for all vehicle makes and models.
  3. Use the MaxiAP AP200H to check vehicle health status for your daily maintenance.
AUTEL MaxiAP AP200H Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for All Vehicles (Android/iOS)

 Points forts de l'Autel AP200H

• Scan fault codes for the vehicle's 4 main systems (Engine, Transmission, SRS, and ABS systems)
• Reset the oil light and perform battery maintenance service
• Provide health snapshot: status & conditions
• Download free software for your vehicle (Renew brand subscription after a year, additional brand lines are available with in-app purchase)
• Support U.S., Asian and European vehicles, including 1996 and newer

MIL/Live Data/O2 Monitor/IM Readiness:

If there is something wrong with vehicle operations, drivers will be alerted.
Provide the Info. of Oxygen Sensor Rich/Lean Indication, Coolant Temp, MAP/TPS Value, Vehicle Speed, Mass Air Flow, Ambient Temp, Engine RPM, etc.
PCM can verify that O2 sensors are properly calibrated and function without noticeable deterioration.
The car's emission control systems will be self-tested, and you can know if your vehicle has completed tests successfully.

The AP200H OBD2 scanner can easily access the Engine, Transmission, Anti-lock Braking System and Supplemental Restraint System to retrieve their DTCs, text or graphic live data stream and other ECU information. Once the detected problems are fixed, you can use this Bluetooth scanner tool to clear DTCs, and then the warning light will be off automatically.
OLS/BMS Reset Service:
After using your vehicle for some time, the engine light will flash, which means that you need to change the engine oil or the filter. The BMS(Battery Maintenance Service) can evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement and activate the rest state of the vehicle. To diagnose these problems, you will need our AP200H diagnostic tool that can read and display the codes for resetting.
Exclusive Health Rating with Reports:
The AP200H snapshot easy-to-use Health Check Application is used to identify health state of your car. With this function, you can know health rating, generate corresponding reports, and gain a quick grasp on vehicle health condition and status. It can make you know the required service and the needed information, thus, you can take care of your vehicle easier. It can save repair reports for diagnostic and maintenance service sessions as well.

1 Year Warranty with 45-Day Replacement & In-APP Purchases:
The MaxiAP AP200H is used to connect to the vehicle's OBDII port and connect with an Android or iOS device for intensive health reports. By clicking"MALL" function button, you can access app built-in mall quickly and purchase the vehicle of your choice. Follow the instructions to download one free purchase the vehicle of your choice. Click“Buy it now”and enjoy a high-quality product with confidence.



Autel AP200H Special Features:

Renew brand subscription after a year for 15.99$, Download free software for your vehicle brands on 1st year (15.99$ for one extra vehicle), Additional brand lines available with in-app purchase.


Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Autel AP200H Health Check Scanner -- "MALL" Application
This function button provides you a quick entrance to access app built-in mall and purchase the vehicle brand of your choice. Follow the instructions to download one free vehicle-line of your chosen brand. All brand lines are valid for up to a year.
Purchase vehicle diagnostic data package

NOTE: When the MaxiAP AP200H has lost connection from the device for more than 10 minutes, the LED goes off and the AP200H enters power saving standby mode. The power LED will light when reconnected.

Before purchasing vehicle diagnostic data package, you have to log in your Autel ID and bind the MaxiAP AP200H device with your account. One vehicle-line is free and valid for up to a full year, you can get it through Mall after successfully binding VCI for the first time.

1, Tap the Mall button on the Home screen, a list of brand lines sorted by alphabet will display.

2, The corresponding price of each software is displayed on the right side of the software.

3, Tap the price of wanted software and jump to the detail screen. You can see a detailed introduction of this software.

4, Tap Buy Now to purchase the software selected immediately.

Item  Description
Communications BL 4.2 Dual-Mode
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Input Voltage Range 9 VDC to 26 VDC
Supply Current 100 mA@12 V
Sleep Mode Current 3 mA@12 V 
Operating Temp 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temp -20°C to 70°C
Dimensions (L*W*H)  59 mm (2.32'') * 44 mm (1.73'') * 21.5mm (0.85'')
Weight 32.1g (0.07 lb.)  

Download&Install APP

►Scan the QR code or search for MaxiAP200 in App Store or Google Play to download and install the app to your device.

► Register & log in 
Open the MaxiAP200 app and tap Register near the top right of the screen.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. 
Log in with your registered email address and password. 

► Bind VCI with device
On the Bind VCI interface, scan the QR code imprinted on the Bluetooth dongle to 
automatically retrieve the serial number. Ensure the email information is correct. Tap
Bind to pair dongle with device.

► Purchase & install software
Tap Mall below the list to purchase and install the software selected. Full OBDII 
functions included at no charge. One vehicle-line is included free through Mall after 
successfully pairing the dongle for the first time (For iOS devices, the purchased 
software will display in the list, tap it to another application for diagnosis).

► Plug the connector of the MaxiAP200H Bluetooth dongle into the vehicle's OBDII port. 
The vehicle's OBDII port is generally located under the vehicle dashboard 
(Consult vehicle user manual for specific location)

►Turn the vehicle ignition to Key On, Engine Off position. The LED on the dongle will light solid green when connected. 

►VCI Connection
For Android devices, tap Me > VCI Connection or the VCI button near the top right of the Home screen. 
For iOS devices, tap Setting > Bluetooth on your iOS device to open the Bluetooth function. 
Tap the Bluetooth name on the screen to pair it with the device. The Bluetooth name starts with AP, followed by the serial number of the dongle.
Ensure your device's Bluetooth is turned on.  When the device is successfully paired with the dongle, the LED will light solid blue.

Package includes:

1pc x AUTEL MaxiAP AP200H Main Unit

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +8618995643579


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