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OBDSTAR Update Update Annonce de février 2019

OBDSTAR Update Update Annonce de février 2019



Optimized Damy X5 remote control system

Great Wall

1. Increased Great Wall Kulla smart key system

2. Increased Great Wall Wingle 7 IMMO and remote control system

3. Increased Hover F5/WEY P8/WEY VV6 2017- smart key system


1. Optimized the Flash reading of XRAY (2015-)

2. Optimized Koleos 4 key programming function

3. Increased Megane 4 (2015-) key programming function

4. Optimized TWINGO(2014-)key programming process

5. Optimized Megane 4(2015-) key programming and the menu

6. Increased ESPACE 2015-/KADJAR/TALISMAN 2015-/SCENIC 2016-/Megane 4(2015-)/LOGAN(2014-)                                                           


1. Optimized BR453 key programming process

2. Increased the identification in smart br453 when Flash reading ends


1. Increased MQB 2012-2014.06 IMMO function

2. Optimized the problem in data writing when generating the dealer key.


1. Optimized XRAY(2015-)key programming process

2. Increased the identification in XRAY (2015-) when Flash reading ends


1. Optimized 1K79X_46 type key programming process

2. Optimized the problem in generating dealer key of 46 chip models

3. Optimized 70F3379+93C86 type data writing failure due to the incorrect file encode


1. Optimized smart key type1

2. Optimized remote controller programming type1, type 2 and developed type3


Optimized 2018 Excelle key programming procedure


Increased 2017- Everest key programming

Cluster Calibration


1. Optimized the menu to be BR453 FORTWO 2016

2. Optimized the menu, text and communication process

3. Increased smart for two 2016 models cluster calibration function


1. Increased the menu of vehicle model entry

2. Increased MQB 2012-2014. 06 cluster calibration function


Revised Grand Vitara/Kizashi/SX4 SWIFT D70F3421+24C16 cluster calibration procedure

Land Rover

Increased Discovery 4 2016-/Range Rover Sport 2016 (with indicator)/Evoque 2015- cluster calibration


Increased XE series 2016 and XF series 2015- cluster calibration

APK Software

1. Increased the‘Help’ text  

2. Increased the damage verification for zip files

Renew Key Software

Updated the renew procedure

Steering Angle Learning Software

Optimized Roewe Rx5 communication failure when entering system