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Xtool PS701 JP diagnostic tool

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Description du produit

  1. PS701 JP scanner is a diagnostic tool for all Japanese cars, it supports diagnosing TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, SUZUKI and NISSAN.
  2. Xtool PS701 supports testing all electronic control systems not just for OBD2 engine system.
  3. PS701 diagnostic tool can be comparable with the original equipment in some degree and can do matching keys for most cars.
PS701 JP diagnostic tool

Xtool PS701 JP diagnostic scanner tool can access to electronic control systems (not just for OBD2 engine system) and 
perform diagnosing function on all Japanese cars including TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, SUZUKI and NISSAN. 
PS701 diagnostic tool can be comparable with the original equipments in some degree.

Dealer code for activate is  XTOOLEN

Language: English and Malaysian

1.PS701 can test TOYOTA, the testing manual is as follows:
xtool ps701
2. PS701 can test SUZUKI, the testing manual is as follows:
xtool ps701
3. PS701 can test SUBARU, the testing manual is as follows:
xtool  ps701
4. PS701 can test NISSAN, the testing manual is as follows:
xtool ps701
5. PS701 can test MITSUBISHI, the testing manual is as follows:
xtool ps701
1. Display: Backlit, 160 x160 pixel display with contrast adjustment
2. Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 F°)
3. Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
4. relative humidity: <90%
5. External Power: 12.0v Volts provided via vehicle battery
6. mainframe power: 3W
7. Mainframe dimensions: 225mm Length 98mm Width 36mm Height
8. exterior memory: supports TF card

Package list:
1. machine composition:
main testing cables,
testing connectors: NISSAN 14PIN (old car version); Honda 3pin(old car version) and obd2 connector),
user's manual and Nynon bag

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +8618995643579


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