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Acheter SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine Update Online With VWHU162T Cutter Obtenez gratuitement la pince FO21

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Description du produit

SEC-E9 is a all-in-one key cutting and duplicating machine. Its embedded 8-inch tablet eases the machine use dramatically. Thanks to the built-in decoder and key reading capability, it's the machine that is suitable for key duplicating as well as creating key from bitting.
SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine

Kindly Note:SEC-E9 CNC can not offered to South Africa,Spain,Brazil
Top 9 Reasons to get SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine:
1.Can directly search key bitting number by key code for some keys. No need to search from Instacode
2.Support All Key Lost: can cut a new key by bitting number, when original key is lost.
3.Support 6 languages including English, French, German, Italian,Portuguese,and Spanish.
4.Can cut veritcal milling, flat milling, internal milling and external milling.
5.Can cut automobile keys,motorcycle keys ,dimple keys, tubular keys, and single-sided standard keys.
6.Can cut Tibbe keys and LDV keys
7.Auxiliary Clamp is available
8.CE Approved
9.Update Online

Note: If you come from Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Israel, Brazil etc country, could buy from local market, there have the dealers.
SEC-E9 CNC Features:
Built-in database, support key missing teeth inquiry;
Light weight, small size, easy to work out;
Equipped with two spindle belts, decoder and cutter;
Interpretation and cutting can be completed at one time;
Support plain milling key, face milling key, Allen key(F021), Stiletto key andCylinders key;
Support network remote upgrade, no need to return to factory;
Repair the wear keys to recover the original precision.
SEC-E9 Automated Key Cutting Machine Specification:
Product name: SEC-E9 Fully Automated Key Cutting Machine
Product No.: SEC-E9
Dimension: 255(W) * 360(H) * 340(D)m
Weight: 24KG
Resolution: XY: 0.005mm  Z: 0.0015mm
Spindle Revolution: 16000+rp
Temperature: 0- 40
Humidity: 10-90
Usage : The duplicating and cutting of automobile keys and domestic key.
sec-e9 key cutting machine manual

Embedded 8-inch Tablet PC
Embedded 8-inch Tablet PC offers easier  key cutting capability with graphical user interface.
Equipped with both decoder and cutter
Quick and easy duplication of key is available.

Various types of key cutting supported
-Automobile key (including ford tibbe)
-Dimple key
-Single-sided domestic key
-Tubular key

Replaceable vise
Various kinds of replaceable clamps are available for easy key cutting.

Spindle driven by two spindle belts
Supplied with two spindle belts to ensure high-torque key cutting without loss of cutting speed.

Wide and brighter LED light
long-life imported lamp beads

Contact information:

Phone Number: 86-18995643579



Whatsapp: 86-18995643579

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