Frequently asked questions about Super MB Star C3

About installation
  1. Q: I do not have a XP computer. Can I install the Super MB Star C3 on Win7 computer?
A: Yes, you can. Super MB Star C3 is compatiable with both Windows7 and Windows8 computer. One thing you should do is close your anti-virus software while installing the tool.
  1. Q: Should I install the Super MB Star C3 vmware on Win7 64bit computer or Win7 32bit computer?
A: Both of the two systems can do. Just remember to close or uninstall the anti-virus software while installing.
About function
  1. Q: What software do I need to use MB star off-line function?
A: You should first have a MB SD C4 or C3, as well as setting up offline mode In Latest DAS SS12. If you have both of the tools, you can then get authorization of the function.
  1. Q: Can I use this Mercedes diagnostic tool to reset Mercedes W203 2004 SRS system via OBD port?
A: For 2004 Mercedes W203, please use MB Star C3 or MB SD C4.
About usage
  1. Q: How to connect Super MB Star C3 with a car?
A: In the Super MB Star C3 package, you will find two cables. One is for computers and the other one is for cars. You can connect the machine and a car via OBD port.