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(Livraison UE) ThinkCar Pro Thinkdiag Mini Full System Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth OBDII Scanner Update Version of Easydiag Get 5 Free Vehicle Software

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Description du produit

ThINKCAR Pro ThinkDiag mini is a portable, economical vehicle fault diagnosis tool suitable for DIY family personal users and small repair shops. Including car all system diagnosis function and 15 kinds of special reset functions.
THINKCAR Thinkdiag mini OBD2 Scanner Full System Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 Automotive Bluetooth APP 15 Reset Service Launch
thinkcar pro description
Highlights of Thinkdiag Mini
1.THINKCAR pro is a portable, cost-effective automotive troubleshooting tool for DIYers and small workshops.
2.THINKCAR pro consists of a diagnostic connector and an mobile APP.
The connector is connected to the vehicle diagnostic base and communicate wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, enabling the installation of App and diagnostic software in smart terminals for automotive diagnostics.
3.Covered car models: Compatible with all cars after 1996 supporting OBD II protocol.
    ISO 14230-4(KWP2000)
    IOS 15765-4(CAN)
    ISO 9141-2(IOS)
    SAEJ 1850(VPW&PWM)
5.THINKCAR pro's diagnostic capabilities are comparable to professional, expensive integrated diagnostic equipments.
6.It supports full system, basic functions intelligent diagnosis, including reading version information, vehicle information, reading/clearing DTC, reading data stream, maintenance services, vehicle diagnostic reports, etc.

Thinkcar Pro Thinkdiag Mini Cost

1.Software: 19.95USD for one and for 1 year

2.Service Software:19.95USD for one and for 1 year 

Kindly Note:

Thinkdiag Mini APK Install Device Version Claim:

Android: 5.0 and above
iOS: 9.0 and above

ThinkDiag mini Comprehensive System Enhance Diagnosis:

With superior systems diagnoses, this multipurpose obd2 smart diagnostic adapter can be used to read all available systems ECU information to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis.
The complete systems vary from different cars and they usually include Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, EPB Brake,Navigation, Audio,Headlights,Clutch,Crankshaft,4WD,Cruise Control,Injector ,Immo and Fuel etc all electronic systems.

- Read DTCs from the vehicle's control systems to locate problem areas, and offer solutions; 
- Erase the codes easily after DTCs retrieving and certain repairs have been carried out; 
- Live data shows each parameter item displayed in analog, text, waveform graph modes etc.; 
- The active test used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests(Need waiting, not release this function now).
thinkcar pro full sytem diagnosis
thinkcar pro obdii diagnosis function
ThinkDiag mini 15 Special Service Functions

The Thinkdiag Mini professional Bluetooth OBD2 scanner supports 15 commonly used special reset functions, allowing you to quickly access the vehicle system for various scheduled services,
maintenance and reset performance, eliminating the need to reset the car after solving common problems Troubles. It is one of the favorite OBD2 Scanner for personal DIY owners and various repair shops.
Listed some commonly used special reset services for your reference:

1.Oil Lamp Reset Service 
2.EPB Electronic Park Brake Reset 
3.BAT battery service
4.DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Reset 
5.SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset 
6.TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset 
7.IMMO Key Programming 
8.ABS Bleeding 
9.Sunroof Reset 
10.Suspension Reset 
11.Gearbox (Transmission )Reset 
12.AFS Headlamp Reset 
13.Injector Coding 
14.Throttle Adaptation 
15.Gear Learning
thinkdiag mini special functions
Thinkdiag Mini OBDII Functions

THINKDIAG MINI supports OBD II (on-board diagnostics) protocols. It works with any vehicles after 1996. 
*View freeze frame date 
*support graph data stream 
*O2 Sensor test *Evap system test 
*On-Board monitor test 
*Read & Clear DTCs 
* Auto Identify VIN information 
*DTC code look up 
*Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights) 
*I/M Readiness status test
thinkdiag mini device
thinkdiag mini device
thinkdiag mini device
ThinkDiag mini supports languages:

ThinkDiag mini APK menu supports languages:
Chinese, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

ThinkDiag mini Diagnostic software supports languages (follow phone system language):
English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian , Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian
thinkdiag mini device
ThinkDiag mini Supported vehicle models: 

Support Cover Up to Over 115 Major Vehicle Manufacturers From America, Europe and Asia after 1996 year with OBD2 connector:
ThinkDiag mini can be detect almost all vehicles in America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions with OBD2 port. When using the diagnosis function, you can choose 1 free vehicle software after register and activate obd2 dongle,
if you need more value-added services, you can purchase the required vehicle model softwares. vehicle diagnostic software supports online purchase (credit card, paypal, Tcode)
thinkdiag mini device
Easy to use Thinkdiag Mini:

1.Download and install the APK ”ThinkDiag Mini” in Google Play or iOS App Store to your device; 
2.Register and log in the THINKDIAG Mini; 
3.Get one free car software through ThinkDiag Mall after binding serial number for the first time; 
4.Plug the ThinkDiag Mini dongle into the vehicle’s 16pin OBD2 Data Link Connector; 
5.Turn on the vehicle ignition while turn the engine off; 
6.Tap Me/Setting button of your device to bluetooth pair the ThinkDiag Mini with your device; 
7. Start to diagnose your car.
thinkdiag mini device
thinkdiag mini device
thinkdiag mini device
Package List:

1 * ThinkDiag Mini OBD2 dongle 
1* user manual

Contact information:

Phone Number: 86-18995643579



Whatsapp: 86-18995643579

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Thinkdiag Mini Frequently Asked Questions
Q:How do i active the device ? 
A:Once you log in the APP you will see a pop-up message prompting you to active the device.Select the pop-up message and enter the serial number and activation code(The serial number can be found on the device and activation code can be found in the confidential envelop inside the package).

Q:How do i bind a device to my account?
A:After the activation on your own account, it will automatically bind to your account

Q:Can Thinkdiag Mini device connect to a laptop or PC?
A:NO.Thinkdiag Mini device is only supported by the official Android and IOS APP

Q:Where can i download the APP ?
A:You can search for"Thinkdiag Mini"in Google Play,APP store.

Q:What do the different lights indicate on the device ? 
A;Green light on:Connected power on
  Blue light one:Bluetooth connected
  Blue light flashing:Bluetooth communication(sending/receiving data)
  Red light alwayss on:Firmware upgrading or Unsuccessfull upgrade