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Latest XTOOL HD900 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader

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Description du produit

XTOOL HD900 is a high-end and new style heavy duty diagnostic device developed by XTOOL, which is designed for the professional vehicle repair or maintenance technicians.
Latest XTOOL HD900 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader 

XTOOL HD900 Product Features:

Large easy-to-read Color LCD screen.
Access to generic and manufacturer specific codes.
Easily determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light” (MIL).
Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.
Displays DTC definitions on screen.
Displays real-time Live Data.
Support SAE J1939(CAN) and SAE J1708/J1587 protocol heavy duty vehicles.

XTOOL HD900 Specifications:
Screen: 3.5’’ TFT-LCD Display
Input Voltage Range: 11~36V
Connection: DB15
Storage Built-in TF Card (4GB)
Operating Temperature: -20~50℃ (-4~126℉)
External Dimension: 7.48’’(L)x3.94’’(W)x1.06’’(H)

Layout of HD900
Front View

xtool hd900 front view
xtool hd900 display
xtool hd900 top view
xtool hd900 down view
How to Connect HD900 with car
xtool hd900 connection display
XTOOL HD900 Functions:
Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
View Live Data
MIL Status
O2 Sensor Test
EVAP System Test
Retrieve Vehicle Information(VIN, CIN and CVN)
XTOOL HD900 Main Interface:
xtool hd900 fuction list
Function: Do OBDII Diagnosis by choosing the corresponding vehicle protocol.
xtool hd900 function list 2
xtool hd900 function list 3
xtool hd900 function list 3
Options: Set language, adjust contrast, choose unit and make recording.
xtool hd900 options 1
xtool hd900 options 2
xtool hd900 options 3
xtool hd900 options 4
xtool hd900 options 5
About: Show the detailed information of HD900, such as serial number, hardware and software version, password etc..
xtool hd900 detailed i nformation
How to Update XTOOL HD900:
1.Enter http://www.xtooltech.com
2.Click One Click Upgrade to download and install the Upgrade Tool
xtool hd900 update
3.Connect the HD900 mainframe to the computer via USB cable
4.Open the Upgrade Tool, fill in the SN and Password of the prodct, then click Login.
xtool hd900 update tool
5.Click Upgrade
xtool hd900 update tool
XTOOL HD900 Package including: 
1pc x HD900 Mainframe
1pc x Micro USB Cable
1pc x Test Cable
1pc x Certificate of Quality
1pc x Cummins-6
1pc x User Manual
1pc x Cummins-9

Contact information:

Phone Number: 86-18995643579



Whatsapp: 86-18995643579

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