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EOBDII.fr Return Policy

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Shipment Policy

1. How Fast Can I Get My Products?
2. Would you send out product to my country?
3. Could I combine shipping?
4. How much shipping cost do you charge me?
5. Is it possible for me to change my shipping method?
6. How can I change my shipping address?
7. My tracking No. is invalid, why?
8. How do I know my package is shipped out to me?
9. Whether I can receive my Items safely and timely?

Shipment Option and Delivery Time

Carobd.de Can ship the package all around world.  we offer you a wide selection of shipment which are all safe and quality, we will choose the most suitable for you.
The following table shows the shipment options and the delivery time. We will deal Customers' Orders in 48hours

1.1 Czech warehouse Ship, Faster delivery, No Tax:

Item title marked "EU Ship No Tax" or "EU Ship"will ship from Czech warehouse!

Our Czech warehouse mainly ship to the following country, no tax


A: To Germany usually 2-3 days, to other EU countries Normally take about 5-7 working days
B: All products can send from our Czech warehouse, If the products you want not in our Czech warehouse, you can contact us to arrange for you, just need to wait 2-3 weeks.
C: We just have stocks in Czech warehouse, do not have branch company in Czech, if item have problem need refund or repair, you need to send back to our Shenzhen, China warehouse.) 

1.2 China warehouse Ship:

1. How Fast Can I Get My Products?

  • Our delivery options cover DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT ,Fedex and Singapore Post.


Delivery Options Delivery Time Tracking Link
5-7 Working Days www.dhl.com
5-7 Working Days www.ups.com
10-15 Working Days www.ems.com.cn
3-5 Working Days www.fedex.com
3-5 Working Days www.tnt.com
7-18 Working Days www.singpost.com.sg
6-15 Working Days https://track.yw56.com.cn/index
3-12 Working Days https://track.4px.com/query


Notice: only EMS available for Russia; EMS does not cover Netherlands. Singapore Post to USA only costs 8 working days not 7-18 working days.

  • When you place an order and check out in our website, you are asked to provide your accurate shipping address, post code, and your phone number, which is of great importance, so that the courier company is able to contact you timely and efficiently after the goods deliver to you.
  • If you are Brazilian, please leave your CPF number to us.
  • Generally, the goods delivery time varies according to the delivery options and your destination. For example, it only cost about 3 working days to America by DHL, while still DHL to United Kingdom it costs about 5 working days.
        The delivery time is also influenced by the following factors:
  • As usual, we will deliver goods to you within two days after you complete an order, unless sometimes the goods are out of stock.
  • Once the goods have been dispatched from our firm, they will are in the charge of the couriers. Their handling time is one different from that of the other ones.
  • The delivery time for heavier goods over 20kg will be one working day later than that of the lighter ones.
  • The goods stock status of the couriers is also a possible factor that affects the goods delivery time.
  • Some unexpected and unavoidable influencing factors can be also included, such as severe weather and our festival holiday.

2. Would you send out product to my country?

  • Normally, we are able to deliver goods to most countries worldwide; however, some countries are limited in one single shipping method, they may be excluded by DHL, or UPS, or EMS. For example, items to Russia, only EMS is available, to Netherlands, EMS does not cover. Similarly, several countries are unreachable by DHL or UPS. If your country is included in the unreachable list, our customer service will instruct you before the goods shipped out.

3. Could I combine shipping?

  • If you want to combine shipping of your order placed in recent one or two days, and we haven't shipped out your former ordered items, you contact with our customer service to make sure it is feasible.

4. How much shipping cost do you charge me?

  • Our package shipping cost is strictly calculated according to the package weight/dimension and recipient destination. That means, base on same weight or dimension, the shipping cost varies according to different package destination; based on same package destination, the heavier or the bigger in size, the more shipping cost of the package is charged.
  • By the way, some of our products write free shipping, that means just the shipment, not include the custom. The customers pay the custom themselves.
  • Our delivery options are selectable and each shipping company has their own rate of shipping cost. Therefore, which shipping company we choose directly influence your package shipping cost, but in general our couriers don't have too much difference. Usually our customer service will ship your item by a cheapest, safest and fastest shipping company.
  • If the goods are damaged, stolen, crash during delivery, we will directly contact with the relevant shipping company, and ask them for compensation, refund or redelivery.
5. Is it possible for me to change my shipping method?
  • If you want to change your delivery method, you need to keep in touch with our customer service immediately before the goods dispatched, or it will be invalid for this change after your package is shipped out. The goods are usually delivered within two days after the goods payment have been received.

6. How can I change my shipping address?

  • If you need to alter your shipping address, you have to note it in the paypal message when you pay what you want in our eobd2.fr.

7. My tracking No. is invalid, why?

       Sometimes the tracking codes will be invalid in the following situations:

  • First, the tracking codes given by shipping company haven't been uploaded on their official website timely. However, this doesn't happen  often. Once it happened, please wait patiently for about one day, or get in touch with our customer service directly.
  • Second, maybe the tracking code we give you does not match with the ones we get from the shipping company, or it is a wrong tracking code. However, it is not what we want, and we do not often make such mistake.
  • Third, when the goods have been delivered for a long time, the shipping company may have deleted the tracking code in their website. If this happened, you can contact with our customer service at once.

8. How do I know my package is shipped out to me?

  • After goods have been dispatched, we will email you providing a tracking code and the URL of the corresponding shipping company. You just copy the URL and enter the goods tracking code, and then you can check the specific positions of your package.

9. Whether I can receive my Items safely and timely?

  • The goods are assured to be dispatched to you safely and successfully. Once you receive your package, you will be asked to sign up your name, it is a safe way to confirm you have received your package.
  • When delivering goods by express, like DHL, UPS, TNT and Fedex, we will ask you to give us your right shipping address, emergence telephone number, so that the shipping company can contact you and deliver your the goods timely and efficiently.